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2011-06-29 02:06 pm


This is still here, eh?

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2010-04-24 07:38 am

Oh My.. 2 words.. Metal Elvis...

Take Elvis and have him backed by metal songs.. :)

Sure.. it's live mashup.. but this is awesome and I need more..

Posting here because Facebook is forbidden at work.. and I don't feel like using my iPhone :)
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2009-12-21 05:54 pm

Places I stayed 2009 Edition

Pacific Ocean - Cruise
Long Beach
Las Vegas

End of Line.
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2009-12-21 07:09 am

Happy Solstice Everyone!

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2009-09-08 06:41 pm
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Writer's Block: Scorching day

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AC of course. :) The Daystar is deadly.
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2009-08-26 04:38 pm

ho hum..

I keep on looking in the mirror
Trying to find those devil horns
But I can't see. It's just too bright
There's just too much light
Emanating from my halo

- "This is the Road" - Spiraling
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2009-07-30 08:07 am

Question for the day: What song is currently stuck in your head...

For me.. it's.. Toto's Africa.. for some reason..

I do not know why. :)
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2009-07-25 08:29 pm
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2009-07-16 04:37 pm
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Attention C15 peoples

If you would like. I started using the #c15 tag on Twitter. My Twitter is the same name as this acct :)

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2009-07-15 05:37 pm

U-Verse.. Day 2 :(

Day 2... the upgrade to U-300 is.. not working. I still do not get any Starz Channels or Encores..

or even the VOD for Shotime... I really want to watch Penn & Teller :)

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2009-07-14 07:16 pm

heh.. 3 hours into U-Verse...

and I already upgraded to  U-300   with the Showtimes, Encores, Starz.. and TMC channels..  (Encore and Starz hasnt activated yet for some reason :( )

but so far I like it. :)  For some reason, I can watch the HD channels on my non-HD tv.. this is a good thing though :)
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2009-07-09 06:58 pm
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2009-06-16 09:39 pm

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Craigslist

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2009-05-30 11:49 am
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