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catcha all later!

Edit: Trip Aborted. :(
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Hitting all the micro brewpubs in Las Vegas.

This Trip:

Triple 7 Restaurant and Microbrewery

Brewmaster's Special:
I.P.A. is back on tap. We used all of our remaining hops from last years harvest to create this very special Ale. 6% ABV and very hoppy, get it while you still can!
Brewmaster's Reserve:
Barley Wine is back on tap after a two year wait. At 12% Abv., this is our strongest beer ever. Dangerously smooth for its strength, this is a malt balanced beer that is a perfect winter warmer. Served in a snifter to enhance the aroma.

mmmm Barley Wine..
Will it match the mighty MooseKiller though?

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and of course.. Hooters Casino & Hotel enabled me with free room in Vegas for this weekend ;)

So.. what's the difference between goths and jimmy buffet fans? 

besides the music... and the hawaiian shirts... wait... C14.. merges the shirts with the scene..

oh damn. :)

check my Vegas tag for .. well... my drunken voice posts :)



Jan. 25th, 2008 12:51 am
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im here.. ive drunk,,, ive penn & tellered and im down 100.00 :)
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Me... Vegas... Drinking... Pre-Jimmy Buffett Me... Vegas... Drinking... Pre-Jimmy Buffett
I was stumbling around the Flamingo... went outside for the street party for Buffett concert... and then.. decided to finally check out O'Sheas... and.. they were offering a free picture with this guy with a Total Rewards card.. I was drunk enough that I got the pic taken!

This is now my Vegas LJ icon, so all LJ posts in vegas should have this...
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So this past weekend was spent in vegas. I spent more money on alcohol and food than I did actually gambling.. My sister would think this is wrong, but
the stuff I bought wasn't free in the casinos :)

Hooters is the best.. Guinness is available for free in the casino :)

Went to Margaritaville... tried the 2 exclusive beers they have.

Lone Palm Ale: A nice brown ale.. but nothing to write home about. I would get it again.

Landshark Lager (supposedly launching nationwide in October)

I drank a total of 3 of these.. trying it a different way each time


I had to try the beer just to see how it tastes by itself. It was enjoyable, and I can't wait for it to be launched :)


For 2 dollars more, they put lime margarita mix into the bottle. It was too much lime / sweet for me

Regular with limes (like a Corona):

This was the best way to enjoy it in my opinion. I want more. :)
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already lost 100.. and the BJ tourney.. i busted out in hand 20 of 24.. wild card drawing at 12:45 tomorrow.. so I may be in it still.:)

and.. i made a sportbook bet.

a $20 parlay.. so the Rangers and Ducks better win tonight :)
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yay. more when I get there.



4.5 hours of sleep.. 4 hour drive... 85-90MPH.. this should be fun :)


Mar. 11th, 2007 06:09 pm
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It ruled... it fucking ruled.

thats all I can say for now :)

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